Car Hackers gets a Bang! New Government Laws in Play for them

Hacking a Car

The way the hackers take control of cars is an intelligence by them. To this point, the government puts pressure on automotive designers to cohesive the safe security of cars. Further, to protect them who want to take the wheel.

The government investment to secure the cars from throttling would claim an investment of £109 million on 38 projects handled by the automotive industry.

Trend of Cyber Security in Cars

“As autonomous cars get more sophisticated and as more human functions, such as looking around and steering, move to the car, the danger increases,” he said. “Hackers can hack into a car through its [internet] connected features such as the infotainment, and once in, they can work their way into the rest of the car’s controls,” Adds founder and chairman of Karamba Security, David Barzilai.

With the system of Jeep Cherokee, the two researchers have made a hack test om many cars of 2016. The code makes it all to take over the car’s functional attributes.

Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Bill passed in UK orders the car manufacturers. The designers will design them in a complex way reducing the hacking risks.

Transport Minister Lord Callanan said: “Our cars becoming smarter and self-driving technology will revolutionize the way in which we travel. Risks of people hacking into the technology might be low. ut we must make sure the public is protected. Whether we’re turning vehicles into Wi-Fi-connected hotspots or equipping them with millions of lines of code to become fully automated, it’s important that they are protected against cyber-attacks.”

Counterfeiter for Cyber Threats for Hacking a Car

Britain is one of the world’s fast-paced country in automobile driving and Mike Hawes, Chief Executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, reports, “These [autonomous] vehicles will transform our roads and society, dramatically reducing accidents and saving thousands of lives. A consistent set of guidelines is an important step towards ensuring the safety. The UK stands as the first – and safest – of international markets to grasp the benefits of this exciting new technology.”

Most of the manufacturers entering the market with fully automated vehicles. Audi 8 first three-level auto monitored vehicle will launch later this year. And, one hotter racing wheeled BMW iNext jumps on the road in 2021. All the capabilities are inbuilt but the driver must be alert to take care of in occurrence of any severe issues.

So the coming up vehicles will be entering with high cyber-secure ensuring safety from the hackers. Let’s watch what the government is up to!