A Drift of Verna – Blazing Competition in the Automotive Industry

Hyundai Verna 2017

The preview of the car has been in the Hyundai Showroom, Chennai. However, Verna is a most popular and widely spread its drive across the world It sold 8.8 million cars globally and 4 lakh cars across India. The Verna with updated lightning strike and features exciting the individuals worldwide to get behind the steering.

Verna 2017 Hyundai

Artful Conception

Owning the homogenous Fluidic design for the 5th Generation, new Verna layers the wows with its unique features. However, the triple-vertical layout of back lamps adding richness to it.

Engine’s View

With a Horse Power of 123 and auto transmission with 6 gears, runs with petrol and diesel. The fuel efficiency and driving capabilities are out of bounds. It also has a 7-inch display powered with 1.6-liter engine’s oil burner. The astonishing looks and spell-bounding features grasping the looks of people to have a one!

Inside Beauty Rules

The competition rules with the inside beauty for the automobile industry. New Verna with ventilated seats and an updated electronic control system make-ups itself to have a drive. The dynamic and old beauty allures customers in the preview.

The drive has performed in a controlled environment and still, the real-world capabilities need to be known. The price begins from Rs.8 lakh and varies according to the configurations you prefer. The most awaiting market is here.