MG Motor India Now Has a Target to Launch One New Vehicle Every Year from 2019

MG Motor India
MG Motor India

British-carmaker, India’s arm, MG Motor will introduce one new vehicle every year beginning from 2019. It also announced the first model will be SUV model as the market on SUVs is increasing in India. MG Motor India stands on its words in releasing its first model in SUV and pre-planned during Q2 of 2019.

Moreover, MG Motor India has shared its strategy in the business for the Indian market. Its manufacturing unit in Halol undergoing an up-gradation. The up-gradation includes new press hop construction, assembly line modification, and other facilities are pacing up. Supporting Make-in-India move of Narendra Modi, MG Motor India had a talk with the local component suppliers of automobiles. This will meet the high localization levels of its products.

Future of MG Motor India

MG Motor has a plan to invest 5,000 crores in India in the coming six years. The new car will hit the Indian markets every year. MG Motor India’s president and director Rajeev Chaba said,  “The MG brand seeks to embrace the incredible technology of the future. Meanwhile, cherishing its great British heritage. We are moving forward swiftly on our India strategy and building a strong organization to embrace the future. Our aim is to provide vehicles that will be new-age and very contemporary, with a premium image and great value.”

Moreover, MG Motor exchanged few talks with various suppliers to step into high localization levels. On March 28, MG Motor will invite Dealer Road Shows at Mumbai and Bengaluru on April 16.

The parent company of MG Motor, SAIC has a boldness in R&D worldwide and the Indian wing of the company planning to offer alternate energy vehicles. Indeed, the company is building a diverse profile based team. Presently, 22% of the total workforce in the company are females.

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“We aim to increase the number of female hires in the near future. This will make a difference and put them in the driver’s seat in the company, thus breaking the monotony in this industry,” Chaba added.

Chinese SAIC Motor counts over 6.5 million vehicles ownership every year around the world. However, the company spent 2,000 crores to upgrade its Halol manufacturing plant which can produce about 80,000-85,000 units.