As you land at International Airport (ICN), in Seoul, you will find the friendly staff who will help you to the nearest lunge or boarding gate. Well-trained to guide but can’t talk with you because they all are robots. Korean tech titan LG Electronics was working on this particular project since July 2017. They make a move on their wheels and they have the power of camera navigation, an LCD screen to display information and have the laser and ultrasonic sensors. They’re not the only robots of South Korea but more than that.

Another output is noted in the combination of Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) Robotics Challenge called Method-2. In fact, it’s a first man-made bipedal robot. Moreover, another innovation came from the LG company – a cleaning robot always sparkles the floor. This robot has an integration of obstacle-avoidance technology and cleaner mapping.

Most Innovative Economy country in the world
Most Innovative Economy country in the world

South Korea – An Economy of Innovation

South Korea curling its fingers by entering the new brave world and making the economy an innovative one. However, since many years, South Korea is recognized as the most cutting-edge in terms of technology. All of them including the individuals join the country’s officials to make it an advanced one. It’s a myth story that makes South Korea celebrate the myth on October 3. However, robots are never an alarming cause for North Korea.

South Korea became an innovative market and accepted the attitude to be armed with robotics. According to the International Federation of Robots, the country has sold more than 41,000 robots in 2016. Coming to the industry of manufacturing, 631 robot workers replace every 10,000 human employees and automotive industry has  2,145 for every 10,000.

In fact, some Koreans feel concerned as a number of jobs are fewer. Some people even are anxious that robots will not only steal all their jobs but also will develop an unstoppable intelligence and destroy the people. Bloomberg Innovation Index recorded this country as the most innovative for the past four years in a row. Instead of worrying, Koreans always striving on how robots will make their life better.

Now, South Korea can deal with future innovation in an effective way. AI in robotics can defend the country’s border and robots are even about to finish their pilot programme.