Can Spotify Beat Amazon Music in India? This is How It Plans!


Spotify, the top music streaming service of the world finally making its debut in India. The brand has confirmed the expansion its footprint to the other countries like India.

“We are working on launching in some of the biggest markets in the world, including India, Africa, and Russia which had a very rich musical culture,” Daniel said at the presentation. However, he did not reveal any specific details about the day or time of launching.

Considering this information, the music app may hit India within next few months. Moreover, it’s the first time hearing an acknowledgment from the company to begin is services in India.

Spotify Presence in the World
Spotify Presence all over the World

Spotify Subscribers and Competition in India

By the end of 2017, Spotify users counted to 71 million paid and 159 million monthly users. The music app biggest market in Europe with 58 million users. There comes North America with 52 million and Latin America with 33 million users.

This Spotify competitors in India include Gaana and Saavn music apps. Moreover, Amazon has launched it’d music service and receiving a great response from the users.

The arrival of Spotify in India may be delayed but it’s at the peak of highest data consumption of the country. This turned out as the main reason for Amazon and Netflix like apps have lower prices when compared to other services.