Uber Health from Uber – a B2B Service for Healthcare

Uber Health

Uber will launch a new line of business and it’s called Uber Health. This will provide a platform and is available specifically to let clinics, rehab centers, hospitals, healthcare centers, rehab centers, and their patients and clients can easily assign from a dashboard of centralization.

Motive Behind Launching Uber Health

The value proposition of Uber is similar to UberCENTRAL. The company has launched by targeting business customers for tailoring of the healthcare industry.

How Uber Health Works
How Uber Health Works

The creation of Uber Health rooted up based on the statistics about healthcare and patient care client rates of the absentee.

“Uber’s endeavors into health care trace back to 2014, when Uber first offered on-demand flu shots in large markets across the U.S.,” he said. “Since then they had similar efforts throughout the world, from diabetes and thyroid testing in India to subsidized rides for breast cancer screening in the U.S., too many more. That said, all of these efforts have been pop-ups.”

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However, the information available from client’s side. The app charges the customers of healthcare organization and this will cost through consumer app. Also, API creation from the company made it easy for the hospitals to build the service of patients in the management software.
It’s not an emergency service but it’s a care about the patients. Uber now provides a solution to a problem existing in the healthcare industry.