Patanjali’s Factory in Kashmir Valley – Job Offers to Youth by Ramdev


A consumer-product company, Patanjali going to set up in Jammu and Kashmir which in the process of land-acquiring. This company also provides job opportunities to the youth said yoga guru. When he asked about the terrorism in the country, “Anyone who masters the art of Yoga can never become a terrorist”. Not a single person who mastered Yoga ever became a terrorist in history,” he says.

Ramdev Statement on New Patanjali Factory

In an attempt to this, questions asked regarding violence. He briefed that the value of religion to bring harmony and peace must be taught to the children. “I believe Yoga can cure the thought process of those creating menace in the valley,” he said while speaking at the India TV conclave.

Also, Ramdev Baba emphasized on the ban of Chinese goods by the establishment of Indian product factory in Jammu & Kashmir spreading in 150 acres of land which offers the job to the Kashmiri Youth.

“Even the idols of our goods imported from China. As Indians, we should boycott Chinese products for the reason that it (China) supports Pakistan,” he added. Also, in addition to this, Baba stated that India should take the Kashmir by actively supporting the Balochistan’s moment. However, the event begins on Independence Day.