7th Vogue Cover of Kim Kardashian – Tells About Her Likes and Dislikes

Kim Kardashian Cover page in Vogue
Kim Kardashian Cover page in Vogue

Finally, the 7th Vogue cover of Kim Kardashian landed. The 37-year-old actor revealed the cover on Monday night. Once again she showed the fashion bible starring for the issue of Vogue India. 

She stars in two different covers for the issue shot up. Here she shared a magazine and herself on Instagram on Monday. “I can’t wait for you guys to see this cover shoot! @vogueindia,” the reality star told fans.

7th Vogue Featuring Kardashian West Interests

In one of the photos, she wears a rose backdrop against a V-cut Philipp plein black dress. While in the second capture, she shows herself wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier red tulle dress. Taking the inspiration of traditional Indian clothing, Kardashian West modeled in this style inside the 7th vogue cover magazine.

She, in fact, expressed the state of excitement to appear on Vogue India cover saying,  “The saris, the jewelry, the clothes — everything was so beautiful! I told my show that we have to figure out how to get to India,” she added.

Kardashian discussed her family – the Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘ star disclosed her likes and dislikes when asked about the qualities to make her an ultimate Kardashian.

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Quoting the values her family members had, “My brother’s sense of humor. Kendall’s sweetness. Khloé’s I-don’tgive-a-f— attitude. Kourtney’s savviness around finances.  Maybe… Kourtney’s stubbornness. And Khloé’s getting too sensitive. I would take away Kendall’s anxiety, Kylie’s ‘I don’t care, I know what I’m doing’ thing and probably my brother’s moodiness.”

Last time, she featured on Vogue cover as a blonde in Taiwan and in 2015, for Vogue Brazil.

Her portfolio of Vogue also includes Spain (August 2015), Australia (June 2016 and February 2015) and U.S. (April 2014) issues. Moreover, on Monday she shared her daughter pic on Instagram. “One of the rules I have about being present with my kids is I don’t have my phone when I’m with them. So, like story time at night, in the mornings getting ready, I just don’t have my phone,” explained Kardashian West.