Janhvi Kapoor Pics Sharing Has Hurt the Fans As It was Celebrated Just After Sridevi’s Death

Janhvi Kapoor Birthday Celebration after Sridevi death

Janhvi Kapoor, elder daughter of Sridevi turned to 21 on March 6. It was just after the legendary actress Sridevi death. After countable days of mourning celebration, Janhvi celebrated her birthday and in fact, it was the first time the internet had spotted smiling face of an actress from her gathering.

On the Janhvi’s part, the internet found insensitive and alongside, few other celebrities also shared the birthday photos on social media. Anshula, half-sister of Janhvi also planned a family dinner for the actress on her birthday.

Comments on Janhvi Kapoor Birthday

“What’s the hurry to celebrate the birthday just 1 week after cremation? They could not postpone their celebration after 13 days! It’s so surprising. Moving on is important but please at least wait for the mourning period to get over. Nobody is asking them to be sad and crying all the time. It’s the timing of posting such a pic is what is odd,” wrote a user on a group photo of the Kapoor cousins. Meanwhile, another added: “Touchwood, but if I would have lost (someone close), I would not be smiling for photos the way she is doing. No offense to anyone here.”

However, the post of Sonam has not restricted such comments but arrived on Instagram from Anshula and Maheep Kapoor. Moreover, one more comment highlighted the Sonam restraining of Janhvi’s birthday –  “The problem is not the celebration but the self-awareness of being a celebrity. Your family has been in the spotlight for decades now. But you still haven’t learned the responsibility of being public figures. If you wanted to cut a dozen of cakes then go ahead do it privately. Not showing off to the world upsetting fans who are still mourning the death of someone from YOUR FAMILY!”

Janhvi Kapoor Instagram on her mom Sridevi

Many defended Janhvi on Instagram. A post appeared –  “Happy to see her trying to cope. Janhvi, don’t let idiots tell you-you’re a worthless person because you’re not, you’re one to strongest person I’ve seen. Happy birthday!”

Earlier, before beginning her birthday, Janhvi visited an orphanage just like Sridevi did and she had written a post remembering her mother that starts with –  “On my birthday, the only thing I ask of all of you is that you love your parents…”