Underutilized Drama with Great Concept – 3 Storeys Movie

3 Storeys
3 Storeys

It is so late for the Bollywood in Breaking the norms by screening a number of unconventional films. These films, however, are staying vibrated rather than being loud at the box office. Moreover, such films impacting the viewers’ minds. 3 Storeys movie suits these statements.

Storyline and Performance of actors in 3 Storeys Movie

3 storeys movie combine multiple stories – residents of Mumbai. All of them will have dark times in the past those will affect the present life boldly.

Vilas Naik (Pulkit Samrat) searches a house and this makes him meet the Christian old lady – Flora Mendonca (Renuka Shashane). Once he buys her house for Rs.80 lac, the curiosity to watch what will happen next is the best part of the film.

switching to the second story this highlights, Varsha Atre (Masumeh Makhija) and her abusive husband. The director at this scene will show a woman who has accepted a pathetic life of marriage and the story changes as she comes across her old lover Shankar (Sharman Joshi) – married to her neighbor.

The third story revolves around a young couple – Aisha Ahmed as a Hindu girl and Ankit Rathi as a Muslim boy will realize their parents will never let them stay together. The truth of dark suddenly hits them which is a shocker.

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Alongside, a widow named Leela (Richard Chadda) acted as a negative role has her own story which comes to the climax.

The performances remained excellent in 3 storeys as all the roles are justified in their own realistic style.

All the stories had a great narration and one story differs from another. However, the complaint is all about the climax that ends abruptly. Some questions are unanswered and the movie paces slowly in between.

It is rated 3/5 and 6/10.