Ovia Suicide Attempt in Bigg Boss: Police Calls in the Ex-Contestant

Ovia Suicide Attempt in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Tamil is not dropping down and reaching the audience expectations. In the show, Ovia attempted suicide where police came to a halt. Being out of the show, she stayed on the show 41 days out of 100 days.

Ovia Suicide Attempt & Other Consequences

Producer of the show, Vijay and Host star, Kamal Haasan held responsibly and police filed a case, advocate reported. The actress put under pressure during the show, who went into a swimming pool with her nose closed.

Another task assigned where the contestants made to act as differently-abled individuals to increase the budget points. But social media posts by the viewers’ said that the task is insensitive. The audience became anger on the host and the producer of the show.

Hassan apologized to the audience on Twitter for imitating the abled people and threatened to quit the show. Nazarathpet police Inspector Jaichandran said, “We have recorded the complaint in the Community Social Register (CSR). We spoke to Oviya’s personal secretary, who denied that she attempted suicide.”