The Most Waiting Rajinikanth’s Kaala is Out: Again the Spark of Superstar Continues

Rajinikanth's Kaala
Rajinikanth's Kaala

Rajinikanth, after releasing a teaser and audio of 2.0, now the superstar is back without a drop in his attitude just he acted in Bhaasha movie. Under the banner of Wunderbar Films Pvt. Ltd., in the Dhanush production, and under LYCA productions, Rajinikanth’s Kaala trailer has launched on March 1, 2018.

In fact, it’s so impressive to see Nana Patekar in the film. In the direction of P A Ranjit, the trailer already received 40K likes and viewed by 7 lac fans.

Rajinikanth’s Kaala Trailer –

Nana Patekar is the first person to appear on the screen and says, “Kaala, What type of name it is?” in Hindi script. By holding a black umbrella and wearing black and black with a white beard, the music begins and is exciting to listen.

Kaala Rajinikanth
Kaala Rajinikanth

As the trailer moves on, Rajinikanth style of fights amazes the fans and here comes the Nana Patekar saying to see the country clean.

However, the bass of Rajinikanth words – “Black, the color of Proletariat. Come and have a look at our area, the whole dirt can be seen as a rainbow. Now, could be the moment to gaze at the trailer as he challenges the villains to come in a group and attack him.

Further, the title song and the background music are fabulous and blow your mind.

Waiting to see the film? Then you have to wait until 27 April of this year.