Many of us will try to encourage the alcohol may be in small quantities or medium quantities and we hear that alcohol consumption has some benefits and even few temptations, especially to have sex. However, 7 myths will clear your doubts about alcohol.

Myths of Alcohol busted
Myths of Alcohol

7 Superstitions About Alcohol

Superstition #1: Alcohol will Not Harm You If You’re Not Drinking It

The point should be considered in a reversible manner. As you drink it, blood in the body absorbs the alcohol and will impact on the physicality and emotionality of a person. This could affect the body in a negative path. Hence, alcohol is a sign of unhealthy body and ill-condition.

Superstition #2: Lowers Cholesterol

A blind belief that small quantities of red wine will optimize cardiovascular health. If alcohol consumed continuously, the cholesterol level reaches a peak stage and thus plaque forms in the arteries leading to the risks of heart attacks.

Superstition #3: No Negative Effect on Brain

You may believe this intentionally to have alcohol. Hitting the crack point again and again will break a wall similarly, drinking more and more will cause damage to the brain. The judgment and decision-making skills will come down. This may stand as a reason for the deaths happening across the world and India. Neuropathy – a neural disorder, sudden weakness, and numbness in the persons who are habituated to drinking.

Superstition #4: Increases Interest to Have Sex

It’s totally misconception because sperm count decreases in men when they drink wine. The most commonly noted problem among men is erectile dysfunction.

Superstition #5: Wow, I’m Younger

No, you will not feel so. It causes bone damage in adults and leads to arthritis and osteoporosis. There’s a free movement for free radicals while you drink and therefore wrinkles appear on the skin.

Superstition #6: A Booster of Immunity

The antiseptic properties of alcohol will weaken the immune system and will lead to diseases like tuberculosis, renal failure, and pneumonia. If you’re believing this statement then it’s absolutely false.

Leave your superstition and come to the real facts to benefit a perfect and splendid health.