Thoughts act on us and make us Old: Age is a Label says researchers

New Age

As the year passes by so the age. The number of years of celebrated and celebrating years of the birthday cakes or cards, on social media platforms reminding an individual his age. Due to this, many seniors losing their energies counting their age.

Aging Factor and Your Response to It

Few researchers on their way to prove that aging factor actually doesn’t affect all of us. But affecting many of us. “Age is a label that society puts on you,” quotes Robin Sharma. The age factor, Population aging rises due to the expectations of life’s increment and lower fertility rates.

The Original Social Security Act of 1935 sets the retiring age of a person from a job to 65. Warren Sanderson, who holds a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University, and Sergei Scherbov, deputy program director of the World Population Program at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA),  says that the age is not what we thought 82 years ago that we think as we’re today. Sanderson conducts research in the field of environmental, economic, technological, and social change strongly believes that these factors have an adverse effect in this 21st Century.

The research and findings of Sanderson and Scherbov at IIASA contribute various options to the policymakers to remodel the future of transformation world. “Population aging is a major force reshaping economies and societies,” he said. “New characteristic-based measures, developed at IIASA, provide a more accurate assessment of the challenges of population aging. Also, the effects of policies to overcome them.”

Also, the recent study of Sanderson says that the measure of age would decrement the working people. It also relates to social burdens. Your thoughts decide your age and not the number. So stop worrying about age and you’re not old unless your thoughts make it so.