A Review on the Book: “The Secret” Written by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The main purpose or the aim of the book is to convey about how our life works on the “Law of Attraction.” Basically, the law of attraction is a sign of universe but the author evaluates it how it will be impacting in our lives. While there are many examples and theories which turn out to be philosophical.  If your mind tuned to the philosophy then you can choose this book.

As the book is philosophical, you can’t find an image in it. All you can find is the perception and perspective of famous psychologists and humanitarians on how they defined Law of Attraction. Coming to its effectiveness, Yes, the book has the content and the context which will be deepening into your subconscious mind because a lot many examples were explained on one topic.

Assessing the Books Strengths and Weaknesses

The narration comes from the many people who mastered the psychology, human sciences, and other fields. As these people have achieved and are legends, there’s not even a single fantasy character. Everything that’s explained or the way the writer organized is a sharp fined metallic sword. There’s not an inch deviation in the book and yes, it served the purpose.

Basically, the books belong to the Non-fiction or philosophy Genre and the style of writing will be awe factor. No comparison can be taken into account because the book is appropriate as it is. But, you may feel a little drop in the book as it has too many examples stated by the author. It revolves around only on the law of attraction and the author always stresses on that one point. In this regard, you may be a bit bored with it.

Author’s Representation

Rhonda Byrne is best known for New Thought books and The Secret is her first book that’s published in the market. She’s a native of Melbourne, Australia. The Secret emerged in the year 2006 and more than 19 million copies in 40+ languages published and sold globally. The other book in sequence with this is The Power. She also a producer of Sensing Murder show. The other works of Rhonda Byrne include The Magic, The Hero, The power of Henry’s Imagination, and How the Secret Changed My Life.

Personal Perspective

The book is all related to The Power of Believing, Neuroscience, and the Law of Attraction. Covering every aspect, the book is engulfed with examples of real stories. Even there’s a documentary of this particular book over the internet. The author evaluates on the processes those are powerful and creative, secrets to relationships, money, health, world, life, and to you.

All I found personally is that everyone should know the feelings running through their minds and how can you evangelize your mindset based on the law of attraction. The importance of the law of attraction and how could we change our thinking is well narrated in the book through the famous voices in the writing form. You can either watch the documentary but reading is preferred over watching as you’ll analyze it deeply. Buy this on your interest and the magic happens in you too.

The Secret delivers the secret of law of attraction. So get attracted to it to know what attraction you need in your lifestyle. Buy this book to get a positive impact on our mindset and transform your behavior with the book’s principles.