Daily Yoga- Health Booster for daily life


How often are you healthy? Are you spending your life with pessimistic feelings? Are you overexcited or overwhelmed in your life?

Here’s is the greatest remedy of all time which exists from the Ancient culture. Yoga, a bliss to the life and health and is a great enemy for all your pessimism. The practice of Yoga in the modern world is been exponentially growing and Yoga centers are stacking over time in the streets.

Yoga isn’t a one day practice and takes a lot of time and patience in order to master it. Fitness life is what everyone wishes to have. Improper diets and exercises are degrading one’s health; hence people are at the back of hospitals to cure themselves with medicines. Though, these medicines cure the affected part, could result in other side effects which are now continuing to exist.

So in order to regain your health and get free from any physical pains, mental worries, psychological defects or internal organ functioning the Yogic phantom illumines and rejoices you throughout the day. From the simple to complex nerve and bone issues, Yoga provides a great relief from them.

How do you do Yoga? Is there any procedure for it?

Yes! As it deals with asanas; the procedure and pattern of executing them will be quite unique and will be the systematic procedure. The asanas in yoga have a profound impact on each part of the body and it’s a difficult task for a novice to sustain the body pains. In the long-term process, you can feel the joy in the pains as that will be the major part of Yoga.

As a novice, you can’t start asanas directly as there will be less flexibility of the body. To begin with asanas, you need to go through warm-up exercises and Surya-Namaskara (preferred to be 11 times) with 12 postures. While doing these Surya Namaskara the breathe-in and breathe-out should be done perfectly based on the posture which will be instructed or guided by the trainer. After one week of warm-up and practice exercises, you’ll begin with basic asanas.

Another point to be considered here’s while doing asanas you must concentrate and bear the pain where it is originating. When you do this, you’ll internally develop feeling stabilization and you’ll connect with the self. As said in Bhagavad-Gita, “Yoga is the journey to the self, of the self and for the self.”

So begin your daily yoga by assisting instructor or trainer and feel the bliss in the company of yourself. The unimaginable creative power, boundless innovation, positive vibes, and refreshment integrate into your heart set and mindset.