Is love only an Attraction? Youth in Dilemma and in Frustration

Is love only an Attraction

The broken relationships and unpleasantness in today’s world are more productive and people having less happiness with boundless frustration. Especially youth is in affected state so badly and lost the meaning of love while attracting to attraction. How many have you seen the true love nowadays?

The presence of true love is very rare during these days and that’s the reason for the break in relationships among the loving couple. Why has the tradition of arranged marriage come into existence? Because the elders know the Vedic facts that impact on one’s marriage.

Survey’s View on Attraction and Love:

According to the recent survey, love encircles around three people in our entire life: Mother, Father, and Guru. It’s abrupt of wanting someone you love because parents raise their kids with so many expectations and because of our love we leave them because of we loved a person!

The other survey says that there are divorces happening more among love marriages than the arranged marriages.

However, color or shape of body attracts someone; physical appearance makes attractive to one’s eyes. The character is what comes into play. You can never judge whose attitude will be changing based on the situations. Elders are having knowledge in this regard and they will look into core character of the family and the person who is going to marry you.

Study, Behavior, Understanding, and Trust need to be analyzed to marry a person. How trust worthy he/she is? The person behavior in various situations and how he/she changes their attitude according to the desired situation should thoroughly determined.

Have a life of love and never attract to someone. Attraction and Love are two different tracks that join at one point. You can have an attraction in love but not love in attraction. But don’t ever think that love is an attraction.

Have an adorable life with one who truly loves you and understands you. Happy life with a happy person!