Motivate Yourself with these best Refined Factors and Elements

Motivate Yourself

Motivation is having an enthusiasm to execute any work in a passionate way. Also, there are few factors that design the motivation in your life. A simple word that continues in the author’s minds’ till now and they continually explain the importance of it. Self-motivation is the root of all enthusiasm you show in your work. Many of the people who encountered failure, followed the only mantra to motivate themselves is Bounce Back. The more you fall from the heights of failures, the more you bounce. Motivation involves four elements.

  • Positive Attitude

  • Always Learning

  • Good Company

  • Progress Tracking

These are the four elements those keep you motivated from minute to minute. These four, in turn, depends on

Self Confidence and Self Efficacy

The root of self-confidence is to practice bravery training. This involves the daily practice of your deliverables or improvements in the personality. Reading great books maintains motivation levels to an extent as the mind absorbs positivity and boost your mood.


Consistent focus on the worthy, which is in favor of your goals and commitments is the next root for motivating yourself. The focus only comes if you’ve passion to execute the best. The focus is only developed with three simple tips:

  • 60/10 method – 60 minutes of focus and 10 minutes of relaxation
  • 90/90/1 rule – For the next 90 days, first 90 minutes of the day spend the time only on one worthy goal that you want to achieve
  • Tight Bubble of total Focus – When you start executing just block the time to it for two or three hours being away from the distractions.

These three simple tips help in building your focus.

Positive Thinking and Goal Setting

You need to set your thought process in a positive way by starting your day by reading a positive thought or by listening to the positive news. You become optimistic and the goals you set will aim to the bull eye. Determine the long-term and short-term goals then head to achieve them.

Tracking Progress and Motivating Environment

Daily writing on the goals achieved or determining the goals before the beginning of the day will help you in realizing your goals. The motivating environment such as by changing the way you work or decorating the look of the office or filling the office with positive quotes will help in keeping the motivation in high spirits.

Motivation is an essence and must in everyone’s life. You’ll not motivate anyone if you’re not motivating yourself. So be a motivator engine to take the people into the world of motivation and boosting them from time to time.