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Have you ever made a crucial and the most life’s turning decision in your life? Probably yes, I suppose. Is it been a tough right? So let me deconstruct the mind of the decision maker with my thought process. After all, how do you make your decisions? The way you begin and the way you end, how it goes? Well, a decision could design in a great way and decision may mess up in an absurd way.

Steps to Follow to Become a Good Decision Maker:

The first step in making a decision would be Evaluating Pros and Cons. You have some thought on the decision and listing down the problems, potential solutions and drawbacks of a decision together called as analysis. A complete structure of the outcome, as well as outgo, must be known when you have to take a crucial decision. To analyze.

What do you do if you have two or three decisions in your mind and these have the same pros and Cons? Or else, you are in a confused state, how you will deal with it? Simple to say, Invoke some higher power or go for a suggestion from the friend. Yes, when you have a conversation with big people or your friend, you will have a clarity of thoughts. This will turn you into a great decision maker.

OK fine. Now you have clarity of thought. What comes next? Can you proceed further? Not yet my dear! Research brain must be kept. Research on the outcome of your decision, research on the competitor’s way of making a decision and research on making an optimal decision to transform your company into a wonderful one.

Then it’s almost done. Once you finish all the mentioned, the last point is Never Look Back. If there comes any loss, or anything goes unexpected, then it’s not a time to go back to the past and worrying about the resulted decision. Make sure you go with another decision by expecting the best as well as worst.

Allow your thoughts one after the other, and follow the steps mentioned. You are the creator and destroyer, your thought process needs a clarity to make the decisions.