Primary elements in relationship – Trust and Understanding


Every individual will be in a relation. In order to withstand the relation you’re in or to maintain the relationship you need to maintain two powerful tools, Trust and Understanding.


Trust is the path of truth you build to enhance your relationship.” The relation you’re upholding maybe with your family or friends or partner, trust is the barrier. It forms chains of bond that’s never going to break once it’s formed. A second is enough to break it but it takes years to form. Being trustful to your mates will concrete self-belief within you.

Be Brave of what you speak.” Words of a lie, at some point in time, may flatter them but in that way, you’re cheating yourself. The rate of efficiency of trusting will enhance when you speak the truth and in fact, it is difficult to speak but it makes the bond more stable and concrete.

When situations speak, be calm.” There might be situations where you need to lie and later when you speak the truth they’ll think for a while realizing about your words. Sometimes there may be a chance that you can’t even speak the truth but in relationships, you have to speak even though your voice shivers.


I’ve seen many people complaining about their relations like, “He/she showing me hell with the shower of their words” or “going mad at me” but why do someone will speak like that? Never listen to the words while they’re shouting or having an argument. Keep calm to yourself because throwing stones from either side will hurt both of them curing no one. So, analyze the situation they’re in and don’t come to the conclusion immediately. Maybe the other person is into health problem or maybe the individual has been stressed with the day’s work or maybe the situations the other side are worst. Why don’t you analyze instead of complaining?

The other complaint goes with close friends. If he/she is close to him/her then the partner couldn’t bear and starts arguing for small reasons. The person who is close to that individual may have helped them financially or from the fatal incidents. Think before you act and analyze before going to the argument. Just be calm, control your anger and give them a chance to realize themselves to what they’ve gone through on you. They need you and they’re never going to live leaving you.

Trust and Understanding go hand-in-hand.If you break the trust the understanding vanishes and the strong rope disappears. Telling a lie in a particular situation doesn’t mean he/she is fraud, it depends on the situation they’re in. All the love & affection goes because of a single lie he/she spoke with you! Just rewind and look the happiness you’ve experienced and the love you’re in.

Relationships are like trees. Fetch them trust and understanding as water to deepen the roots of bond from inside and to look as elegant as from outside.”