This Sea Creature is Mysterious! Founded on Georgia Beach

Mysterious Sea Creature
Mysterious Sea Creature

The dead sea creature carcass has fired the internet like a raising fire. This sea creature recently has washed away in Georgia beach has resembled Loch Ness Monster. Jeff Warren has captured the image and the video of this mysterious sea creature. He and his son on boating near the Wolf island on Friday around the  Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge and spotted this creature at this place.

Talk of the Town – Mysterious Sea Creature

While speaking to News 4 Jax, Warren said he thought the creature was dead initially when heron pecking at it. However, after giving it a closer look, the man shocked to see its resemblance to the legendary monster.

The creature has a small head and a long neck animal also had few comparisons related to prehistoric Plesiosaur – an extinct marine reptile. Moreover, the US Fish and Wildlife Services director, Dan Ashe said the basking sharks decomposition sometimes resembles their body as Plesiosaurs.

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As the photos of the creature rolled out, the social media has gone viral. They pointed out – it looked like mythical Altamaha-ha – a river monster lurks in Altamaha river. Skeptics pointed out it may be a fake and placed to fool the people as part of April Fool’s day.