Ten Bitter Truths in Life You Need to Know to Accept the Life As it Is

Bitter Truth of Life

Well, Life gives you happiness if you accept as it is and someone ruins it as things didn’t turn them perfectly. This is the biggest mistake that everyone is committing to. Everyone’s life rolls on troubles and there are teardrops behind their happy smile now you’re seeing.

As GopalPrabhudas says, “When we don’t laugh at the same joke again, why will we cry on the same problem again and again?” The duty of the society is to scratch out the happiness and leave you in the sad zones, but if you’re conscious of your happiness ignoring their words, then life’s for you to live. There are ten bitter truths quoted by the world’s most experienced and wisdomatic persons.

  • There’ll be little selfishness behind every friendship. No friendship lies without selfishness. This is the bitter truth -Chanakya
  • You’ll Never Satisfy in your Life and with your Life; Life’s only satisfaction is to Accept it as it is -Anonymous
  • Experience is the great teacher of Life. Most of the Experiences are accompanied by Pain -Anonymous
  • You’re not lost in the world until you Give up -Anonymous
  • Be Nothing or Something; never Quarrel in between
  • Medicines have an Expiry date, likewise relationships too. You have an expiry date of money, so family relationships don’t stable unless you’re rich enough
  • One bad Chapter doesn’t define rest of your story. It’s just to guide you through further steps
  • Maintain Inner Peace, The World Can be Conquered with It
  • The Golden words are listened by the great people. So never worry if nobody is listening to you
  • Nature senses everything before the humans

So in the Life’s bubble, many of them which you’re experiencing is an illusion and are not permanent. The life’s lovable and here what happens in your life. I just presented it in poetic:

The Living Joy:

“The Life is yours

It has Sunset of Sadness and Sunshine of Happiness;

Life gives you Darkness while Showing Path to Light;

Slows down at Speed breakers of Failures,

Speeds up at Highway of Opportunities and Possibilities;

Has a Depth of Emotions to the Sea of Relationships,

Someone comes, the other goes;

You walk Alone.

Only at times someone will walk with you;

Some give Support, Some hurt you to make you Strong;

Introduces to Fake people at Times,

Teaches you the most, caring for many;

Mind has Illness to Negativity, Heart has Cure of Positivity;

Becomes best when you Live it with the Best;

Offers best when you Stay it with the Best;

Ups and Downs are like High and Low Tides,

Stability at Inner Self matters;

Bursts like a Bubble at one time.

There’s no Good or Bad,

Everything depends on your Thoughts.

Degrades Hope Today, Fosters Hope Tomorrow.

Tolerates Pain of Experience,

Gives Bravery to Face Future;

Sometimes you go through Wrong Path and

has a Diversion to move on the Right Path;

Drains out Impossibility with Possibility.

Live for it to beat the Best.

It is your Life, Live it with Love.