Chinese Reporter’s Eye-Roll Preoccupied the Internet

China Reporter Eye Roll in Live Broadcast
China Reporter Eye Roll in Live Broadcast

These days eye-wink making the girls popular as it had happened previously with Priyanka varrier and now it’s in China! Liang Xiangyi became a celebrity in one night and is an internet sensation in China. A dramatic, exasperated eye-roll and very obvious one she has given to a journalist at a press conference became viral in China after the live broadcast. The Chinese reporter’s eye roll came after the two journalists became part of the press conference after the annual meeting of National people Congress of China.

Chinese Reporter’s Eye Roll: Watch Video

At the place, questions screened and pre-approved. The red-dressed journalist –  Zhang Huijun from American Multimedia Television (AMTV) asked a long-question that laced with initiatives of the government praise. The channel has a tie-up with the State broadcaster of China – CCTV.

Liang Xiangyi standing beside her expressed her disdain. Moreover, as she went on for 40 seconds, she has showed the unimpression and rolled her eyes looking away with a disgust. Her colleague missed seeing Chinese reporter’s eye-roll but the internet did not. The internet space of China has circulated the video and it was within hours all that happened.

GIFs, Memes, parody videos, and cartoons soon popped up on the internet. However, censors have tried for hysteria curtail and her name became the most searched in China. Her name blocked for the second time on the Chinese social media platform.