Kozhikode’s Watermelon Protests – Kerala Teacher Sexist Remark on Students

Kerala Teacher Sexist Remark
Protests for Kerala Teacher Sexist Remark

A teacher training professor of Kozhikode college in Kerala made a sexist comment on wWatermelonremarks. This led to the demonstration in a unique way by the students. The teacher’s offensive comment at the Farook training center on Muslim girls not wearing hijab perfectly led to the protests. She commented Muslim girls intentionally exposing their chests like a sliced watermelon has risen to protests. The students gave a name to the protest as ‘watermelon protest’.

However, state’s female students are posing with watermelon slices to recall the remarks of the professor. The students have said the sending of watermelon slices to the teacher similar to ‘Pink Chadfdi’ fashion program.

All About Watermelon Protest

Moreover, few tensions shot up after few girl students in support of teacher went for a rally. The other college students carried watermelon slices with them in accordance with strict action against Munavvir. The police have blocked the march. Meanwhile, ABVP team smashed a watermelon slice in front of college gate.

The video has created a storm in social media soon after clash arrival between students and staff members.

The teacher also criticized the girl students for exposing leggings they wear beneath the clothes.

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He further continued – women do not wear muftah but they will cover their faces with scarfs. “Chest was one of the parts of a woman that attracts a man and Islam to aches that it should be covered,” said professor.