Orangutan Smokes in Zoo Park: Watch the Outraging Video


Have you ever observed a mammal smoking? Well, an orangutan smokes in a zoo park in Indonesia and it received much criticism. The park, however, is infamous for the past welfare troubles of animals.

The video shared on Sunday. A man throws a half-smoked cigarette into the primate’s enclosure. The reddish-brown primate picked it up and in an expert way, puffs it receiving laughter from the crowd.

Orangutan Smokes & Other Animal Deaths at Zoo

The smoking ape, in fact, proves the supervision and education lack at Bandung Zoo – lies 75 miles away from the Jakarta capital.

However, the man subjected to a crime but as a privately owned zoo, it has to bare the responsible because – “ignorance of supervision and education for visitors.”

In fact, the zoo made headlines many times for sick and starving animals. Temporarily, it closed in 2016 after a Sumatran elephant died and discovered to have bruises on its body. A petition – change.org called for Bandung Zoo makes it be closed has nearly signatures of one million.

Zoo spokesman Sulhan Syafi’I said “we very much regret that such a thing happened” and the incident was reported to police.

Moreover, few blamed the government for its slow pace in establishing animal welfare standards.