The Reason Behind Inability of 95% Indian Engineers Can’t Code


A few days ago, a report says a quarter of Indian engineers actually employable. Few studies put it to less than 20%. Aspiring Minds conducted a survey and showed that 95% engineers of India can’t code. Though graduates from IITs have a significant demand, the employment rate for other engineers remains questionable.


Reason Behind Indian Engineers Lacking:

Most of the engineers not employable and old-fashioned engineering still continues. The low-quality standards and outdated curriculum making lack the engineers in most of the engineering colleges. The over-capacity of colleges becoming the most complex one and it’s continuing for nearly two decades.

This is the reason for closing down almost 800 colleges across India for All India Council for Technical Education. Nearly 150 colleges shut down every year due to AICTE rules. According to the rule, low-infrastructure and less than 30% admission for five years have to shut down. AICTE has approved more than 410 colleges from 2014-15.

In 2003, the government found a committee to know the updates on technical education in the country. Then, the technical education has done extremely well. But 15 years later, it became reversal. Last year, around 8 lakh BE/BTech students graduated but only half secured the jobs through campus placement, according to AICTE data.

A five-year observation then implied for the AICTE approval of Indian technical institutes. In 2001, more than 700 colleges have approved. 15.5 lakh seats became vacant in 3,291 engineering colleges in India in 2016-17. This made the quality down in Indian engineers. If employability doesn’t rise, the empowerment of India goes down in competition with China.

A stress already noted in job sectors. The huge employment crisis comes up if skilled labor lacks in India.