15th Vice-President of India – Venkaiah Naidu Celebrates his Success

15 th Vice President of India

Former Union Minister and Leader of BJP elected as the 15th Vice President of India. “I am very humbled. I am also thankful to the Prime Minister and all party leaders for their support. Now, I will seek to utilize the vice-presidential institution to strengthen the hands of the president and secondly uphold the dignity of the Upper House,” Naidu said after his winning election.

Formalities for the Vice President of India –

The VP will address the oath at Rashtrapathi Bhavan on 11th of this month. PM Modi in regard of Naidu tweeted, “fruitful and motivating tenure” and saying he was confident Naidu would “serve the nation as a diligent and dedicated vice-president, committed to the goal of nation-building.”

In the total of 771 votes, he got 516 votes of voted 786 members. Opposition candidate Gopalkrishna Gandhi gets 244 votes while Vijay Goel and Sanwarlal Jet haven’t voted as they’re suffering from illness.

Polling has taken place up to 98% and among that 67% were Naidu’s. Naidu is the second BJP Leader after the Bhairon Singh Shekhawat. BJP overtook by beating Congress’s 57 which more than one seat.

Few politicians say that Naidu is a fine chairperson to handle the situations. A senior Congress leader says, “When he sits on the chair, he will be a just and fair person.”

“There is no my party or your party. Now I am a non-party man. A majority of political parties in India have supported my candidature,” exclaims Naidu. The new fate of Indian Government is here. Let’s watch and see what it’s up to.