Arun Jaitley and BJP Gets a Warning From Power Star Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena Party
Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena Party

Power Star Pawan Kalyan speech reflected a strong warning to the Central government and finance minister Arun Jaitley on the Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh at Jana Sena Party formation day. Pawan Kalyan started to fighting for the Special Category Status and making a tour in Andhra Pradesh for awareness. But nothing notable change observed from the Central government. In a recent statement, Jaitley said – no provision exists to consider Andhra Pradesh in special status.

Pawan Kalyan, also campaigned in 2014 BJP elections, became upset and had hurt for the Jaitley statement. He addressed at the Guntur during formation of Jana Sena Party. He became a politician there mentioning his mode of agitation and he is ready to initiate a fight against the Central government.

Excerpts of Pawan Kalyan Speech

“Respected Arun Jaitley sir, the kind of injustice has been done to Andhra Pradesh for the last four years is burning us, agonizing us, killing us, it is causing a deep pain in us. You said that Special Category Status can’t be given for the sake of sentiment. During the bifurcation of the state, you and your colleagues were in opposition. You said that you would give SCS to AP for 15 years.”

“You went back to the history of 1972 when the people of Andhra Pradesh had demanded a separate state. But then the government headed by Shrimathi Indira Gandhiji had said that we must stay together. In this struggle and process for the separate state, thousands of lives had been lost and many had been shot dead by the authorities, because of their political masters.

“In its manifesto in Kakinada in 1997, the BJP said it is going to give one vote two states. Accordingly, you have divided the United Andhra Pradesh into two states. In the temple of democracy – parliament, you promised that you would give the Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh. It has not happened for not just for 5 years, but for 15 years. Today you are going back on your words.”

“Then why should we follow your law, sir? Do you mean to say that the laws are applied only to the people, but not to the rulers? Do you think you are beyond the laws? No sir! You are very much in the purview of law. Kindly don’t forget. Respected sir, today, you have forced Andhra Pradesh to be in an agitation mode.”

Power Star on State Division and Special Status

“In 1972, we had asked for individual state, but in 2014, the people of Andhra Pradesh said they wanted to be in the same state. However, you said we need to be separated. You have separated the state in the most undemocratic way. That’s fine! Telangana is our brother. But the problem is that in the process of bifurcation you said Special Category Status would be given.”

“You know why we needed Special Category Status? The reason – we were kicked out of Telangana without a capital. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and opposition leader Jagan Mohan Reddy may be scared of your government because they have their own problems. Also, they are scared of you for different reasons that you must know better than me.”

“Let me tell you from the capital of Andhra Pradesh – Amaravati. You can control 25 MPs of the state, but you can’t control 5-crore people of the state. That is not possible sir. Recently, I formed a Joint Fact-Finding committee to know why the special category status was not given. You can’t go back go on your words.”

“Today, the fight is not about money for us, but it is about the self-respect of Andhra Pradesh. You need to work for the self-respect of the state. Some leaders must be scared of you, thinking you might set the CBI against on some corruption charges. I and the people gathered here are not at all scared of you sir.”

We will fight for our rights and we will come on to the streets. Further, we will make sure we will choke the highways. We are not going fight in Jantar Mantar in Delhi and we will do it in Amaravati. We will make sure the entire continent of India will see what kind of injustice had done to the people of the state. You have pushed us into this state of mind and we will fight for it.”