Ashok Gehlot Expresses Ahmed Patel will be Winning in RajyaSabha

Ashok Gehlot

Ashok Gehlot stated his views on Ahmed Patel he will win as RajyaSabha polls. “Out of our 44 MLAs, we accept that one of them has cross-voted. But one of NCP and one of JD (U) has given us support,” he claimed. “Ahmed Patel will win as we have the numbers,” Gehlot told reporters.

Ahmed Patel Win

With a total majority of 45 votes, the number to win the seat is 43, he got two more extra from the party members. The seven Vaghela group have not visited Bengaluru but the 44 went away. These seven people are in support of the Congress and not resigned their position as MLA.

“However, out of 44 votes of our MLAs that we had expected to get, only one MLA has cross-voted and we have got two more votes,” claimed Ashok. Also, the official vote counting starts from 5 PM.

After resignation, the Congress still holds 51 MLAs in their hands that made Ahmed Patel to the throne.