Cats are Out of the Bags: Operation 136 – II is Something Can’t Be Expected

Cobrapost Operation 136
Operation 136

The second part of Operation 136 – II has rolled out. It’s Cobrapost that exposed high-ranking personnel and owners belonging to the media. More than two dozens of media houses – regional and mainstream, from smallest to the newest were included. Operation 136 part – II brings out the hidden black nature of the media that has been causing disharmony among the citizens.

In fact, the expose of criminality from the politicians to the public was hidden with the money the media people have received and this made the people disrespect the media. The price, in fact, ranged to as high as Rs.1000 crore.

However, the media houses tightening their shoes to run a campaign. Agreed media houses include  Times of India,  India Today, Hindustan Times, Zee News, Network 18, Star India, Paytm, Bharat Samachar, Bartman, Dainik Samvad, ABP News, Dainik Jagaran, Radio One, Red FM, Lokmat, ABN Andhra Jyothy, TV5, Dinamalar, Big FM, K News, India Voice, The New Indian Express, MVTV and Open magazine.

Stay Order Says:

The order received from Honorable High Court and the media houses said –

We have received an exparte stay order from the honorable Delhi High Court on the evening of 24th May 2018. This debars us from including the Dainik Bhaskar Group in our investigation. The honorable High Court has passed the injunction in favor of Dainik Bhaskar without hearing our side of the case. We shall consequently be challenging the court order in the interest of truth and justice.

Senior Investigative Journalist, Pushp Sharma after having a talk with all these media houses` After the talk, he summed up the Operation 136 Part II as

  • Agreed to promote Hindutva in the garb of religious and spiritual discourse
  • Agreed to make the content with the potential to polarize the electorate along communal lines
  • Concurred to thrash party’s political rivals in power with postings of defamatory content
  • Most of them agreed to work in promoting Hindutva and forgetting journalism cardinal principle.
  • Everyone agreed to run the campaign on their respective platforms
  • Few agreed to telecast stories against BJP leaders

Moreover, through Operation 136, politicians owning media houses came into light. Also, this operation no more holds the paid news. Everything now has set in the right place and crystal clear guidelines established.

The good journalism continues from now on. If any paid news found, then management creates a hard atmosphere for the employees involved in it. Since past three decades, the country is looking to set Indian media with no pay news to not to disturb the vibrant pillar of democracy.

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