Contrasting Reasons for Gorakhpur Hospital Deaths: Not only one Reason

Gorakhpur Hospital Deaths

The higher levels of the investigation report that the principal of the college, Rajeev Mishra pay has delayed for the oxygen suppliers. Moreover, the shortage of oxygen was not the reason for the deaths reports Government of Uttar Pradesh.

The oxygen has been a shortage on August 10th. But it soon recovered within few hours observing no death risks said Health Minister Siddhartha Nath Singh. Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath speaking in a press conference, says that the lack of cleanliness and polluted groundwater also are the reasons for the deaths. The supply of oxygen is not only a reason.

Cause of Gorakhpur Hospital Deaths

“Around 7.30 pm on August 10, the supply of liquid oxygen became low and the meter started beeping. But it was met by oxygen cylinders,” Health Minister Singh said. “But this system worked only until 11.30 pm… Supply through cylinders was not sufficient until about 1.30 am on August 11, but after that supply resumed.”

Also, there was a minimal oxygen supply in the hospital from August 10th 11:30 PM to the next day afternoon 1:30 which counted to no deaths. The Minister raised an argument oxygen fall is not a valid reason for the deaths.

Hospital did not intimate to the Chief Minister during his visits to the hospital regarding the payment delay to the oxygen suppliers. The funds released to the hospital on August 9 but the hospital missed the hands on it!

During August 2016, 2015, and 2014 the deaths were reported to be 587, 668, and 567. “Due to the sensitivity of the issue, the Chief Minister called me and the Medical Education Minister for a meeting at his residence early in the morning. He told us to visit Gorakhpur to personally look into the entire incident,” Singh said.

In the emergency meeting held with the ministry, Government UP said that the number of deaths lower this year in comparison with last year’s deaths. The deaths of children during these 11 days reported as Kidney Injury (From August 10, 3:30 AM onwards, pre-term low birth weight, pneumonia, infection, acute encephalitis syndrome, kidney ailment, top-feed shock, respiratory and abdominal infections, sepsis, AES, and heart disease). These diseases resulted in their deaths.

A Test for BJP

Union Minister Ram Vilas exclaimed that it’s a test for BJP. “I am sure the chief minister will take it very seriously. This is an hour of test for the chief minister,” Paswan said in Delhi. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought information about the Gorakhpur incident. On his directives, Union Health Minister J P Nadda and MoS Anupriya Patel also sought information on the incident,” Adityanath said in a tweet.

“MoS Health Anupriya Patel & the Union Health Secretary will take stock of the situation from Gorakhpur,” the PMO announced on Twitter. “PM is constantly monitoring the situation in Gorakhpur,” the PMO said.

Previous day Congress leaders had said to resign the BJP Government from their posts. However, during yesterday meeting they apologized to the Government of BJP. “It is a sad incident and has taken place due to the negligence of the state government. Heads should roll now,” Azad said.