Girl Harassed by the Haryana’s President BJP Son – Vikas to Jail

Haryana’s President BJP Son

The police chained a BJP son Subhash Barala S/O Haryana BJP President on Saturday in Chandigarh for harassing Haryana’s senior bureaucrat daughter. Friends are also part of the incident. All of them dragged to the jail reported police sources.

More About Harassment

When 28-year old daughter on her way to home, he and his friends harassed IAS officer’s daughter. The incident happened during the late night of Friday and Saturday.

The accused individuals stopped her multiple times on her way to home. One of them tried to get into her car but intelligently the girl escaped from them.

The victim said, “I was in a full-blown panic attack by now because they would keep trying to corner me. My hands shaking, my back in spasm out of fear, half in tears, half bewildered, because I didn’t know if I’d make it home tonight. I’m also lucky because I’m not lying raped and murdered in a ditch somewhere.”

The police reported the case as an attempt of kidnapping and threatening them. And, these accused people were released on bail.

Daughter and officer posted this incident on Facebook, “I suppose it will take her a long time to go back to a normal life,” the father of two daughters said, adding that the goons are from influential families.

A severe action must be taken that should impact on this kind of people so that the next person should fear of harassing a girl.