On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Mizoram for the first time since 2014. The purpose to inaugurate 60 Mega-Watt Tuirial Hydropower Project driven him to visit Mizoram. “It is the first large hydropower project in Mizoram. It will boost the socio-economic development of the State,” the PM said at a gathering.

Hydro Electric Power project inauguration by PM Modi
Hydro Electric Power project inauguration in Mizoram by PM Modi

PM Modi Words After Inaugural of Hydropower Project:

As this claimed the first NDA government for its northeast work, PM Modi added During the tenure of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee significant work was done for the development of the Northeast. We have taken forward this vision and are devoting resources to the progress of the Northeast. There have been over 150 Ministerial visits. Our initiative – the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) at your doorstep has added impetus to the development of the Northeast. It has enabled us to understand the aspirations of the Northeast even better.”

Also, the project provides eco-tourism and drinking water to the people of the state. The realization of New India’s vision lies in the fruits of development reaches all. The government focuses on 115 districts. These districts probably are relatively backward if various indicators considered. This will benefit most of the northeastern cities including Mizoram. Besides the electricity, reservoir water will also open new projects for navigation. Villages will have a connectivity.

However, the huge reservoir extends to over an area of 45 square kilometers. Through this, the focus will shift to develop the fisheries. Lack of connectivity considered as the biggest hurdle in the northeastern development. “My Government wants to do ‘Transformation by Transportation’ through investment in infrastructure to change the face of the North Eastern Region,” he added.

A Statement on Bamboo Trade

He further said, “We are committed to bringing all the State Capitals of North East Region on the Rail map. However, the Government of India is executing 15 New Rail Line projects of 1385 kilometers length, at a cost of over Rs.47,000 crore.” As a gateway to southeast Asia, Mizoram stands to gain immensely. It can stand as an asset as a key trade with Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Further, PM Modi also spoke about the bamboo trade after inaugurating hydropower project. Bamboo now became a very restrictive regulatory regime. Because of this, the transportation or selling of Bamboo ignored. However, to reduce the pain, the government has changed the regulatory regime. Now, they need no permission to transport or sell Bamboo and its products.