IAS Officer Body Found at Tracks: Ruined His Life with a Suicide

IAS Officer Body Found at Tracks

Being 14th in civil exams, Mukesh Pandey made an entry in 2012 batch. He had given a post of Indian Administrative Service officer for Buxar District. He is known for a track record of his achievements.

This man’s body found dead on Ghaziabad railway tracks on Thursday night with a suicide note written right beside him. Bihar’s CM described him as the most efficient administrator and sensitive officer.

The suicide note said that he committed suicide on his own volition which redirected police for the more detailed note which was at a five-star hotel in Delhi.

Here’s what suicide note said:

“I am committing suicide in district center area of Janakpuri in west Delhi…by jumping off the 10th floor of the building. Now, I am fed up with life and my belief in human existence has gone, my suicide note is kept in a Nike bag in room 742 of a five-star hotel in Delhi. I am sorry, I love you all! Please forgive me,” said the note, according to police officer HN Singh.

His cards made the police to find his body. Still, investigation on the play to find out how exactly the suicide took place. He checked out of a hotel at 4:30 PM, hiring a taxi and sent messages to the relatives saying, “I’m going to commit suicide”. Soon after seeing the message the relatives called to the police and approached the hotel but he disappeared.

Later, police found him dead and his sister-in-law was first reported to the police of his absence at the mall. He could not live his life and fed up, which paved the way to commit suicide. Earlier this year, blue whale game took the many children’s lives. Also, many people not giving an importance to their life making it worst and committing to suicide.

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