Each and everything in the world has a weakness. The weakness is notified if one knows the working of respective thing. Some may cheat and some may use it effectively. A case registered recently on a person who created a software to book 1000 IRCTC Tatkal tickets at one go. Surprisingly, the programmer works for CBI. The Tatkal ticketing system is hacked by this CBI techie.

Booking Tatkal tickets is an ordeal to most of them and hence, many go near to the agents. However, agents will ask the fee for their service and usually will guarantee the booking. One of the ways people opted this kind of style is through Ajay Garg, a programmer working in Central Bureau of Investigation since 2012. Garg created a software and could unfairly derive vulnerabilities of the IRCTC  Tatkal ticketing system.

Before joining CBI, he worked at IRCTC and has learned the weaknesses of the system. At last, he became successful. He received a lot of money from agents who have booked the tickets using his software. He used a chain of Indian and foreign servers and payments and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to hide his track.

Details About IRCTC Tatkal Ticketing System Hack-

His software fascinates and shows the familiar approach with the workings of the website. Generally, it takes 120 seconds to generate PNR number. However, Garg created software has created it extremely fast. The software crossed TC captcha, bank OTP and form, providing proxy IP addresses and multiple user IDs passwords, PTI reports. All agents have to install the software and key on the username and password. Garg would change it to ensure payments. Hundreds of Tatkal tickets confirmed for all the agents and all the difficulty for the individuals became an easy step.

Though Garg worked in IRCTC, he never informed IRCTC about these vulnerabilities. Moreover, websites using outdated software have more risk of exploitation. CBI arrested Garg for his business. Yet, IRCTC had not made any word regarding the loopholes but users have a relief that they have not duped under Tatkal booking.

The major concern in India to date is Cyber Security. As most of the computers in India have outdated OS and websites, it has a higher risk of hacking. The year 2017 has some global attacks like WannaCry and Petya including India.  Railway Minister Piyush Goyal asked IRCTC government to strengthen Cyber Security