Haryana Woman Fights with Five Attackers, Saves Husband

A woman saves her husband
A woman from Haryana defends her husband from a gang.

A woman fighting off five men shot on a cellphone. The video shows five men attacking her husband who rescued by wife, the incident took place in Haryana. According to the reports, the woman was saving the husband by holding a stick in her hand.

A Short Video on Haryana Woman Defending

The video lasts for 20 seconds and two men beating the man who lied on the ground. Moreover, three men stood around holding the sticks. Then the woman holding a stick in her hand rushes to the place. Wearing an ordinary green salwar kameez, she attacks men turning the stick between the fingers and hands like an expert.

She makes it until they make a move from the place. The man loses his consciousness and lies on the ground. The reason of attacking is unclear but few reports say it was due to the land. However, the identity of woman stays a mystery and don’t know whether an FIR was filed or not.

In the month of February, a similar video came up online and the place is Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. A group has beaten up a man and a woman holding a gun in her hands rushed out from the house. After seeing her holding the gun, the group flew off.