The Reign of ‘Psycho Shankar’ Finally Came to an End – His Record Leaves you Aback

Psycho Shankar
Psycho Shankar

This man is a serial rapist and murderer. M Jaishankar has committed more than 30 rape cases and his murder history was near to 15 in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. In the early hours of Tuesday, he committed suicide at the Parappanna Agrahara prison which is in the Bengaluru outskirts.

In 2017, a Kannada movie shot and hit the screens with a name ‘Psyco Shankar’. He has cut his throat using a shaving blade. Few of them noticed he was lying on the pool of blood at 2.15 a.m. and alerted the other officials. The duty doctor at the prison carried his body to the nearby government hospital.

They later shifted him to Victoria hospital and doctors declared his death at 5.10 a.m. At the time of sentence, he managed to escape from the prison using a bamboo stick and in September 2013, the Bengaluru police rearrested him.

However, the authorities of prison have ordered to investigate the cause of his death.

A man M Ramkumar has died after biting a cable inside the Central Prison after killing a 24-year-old Swathi – an Infosys employee on September 19, 2016.

From Life as Lorry Driver to Death as Rapist – Jaishankar

The 41-year-old Jaishankar is native of Kanniampatty, Salem rode the truck after qualifying XII. While being a driver and cleaner, he became fluent in Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada languages.

After raping a lady constable M Jayamani, 39, the police targeted him. During the visit of deputy chief minister then M K Stalin Tirupur, she was on bandobast duty. Before killing her, he kidnapped and raped her, said a senior police officer.

The police got Jaishankar on October 19, 2009. After Tirupur police arrested him, they came to know that he was already arrested by Sankari police in a murder and rape case in 2008. After going to further investigation, the police found his background nature of committing not less than 13 rape and murders including seven rape cases in Tirupur.

3 Month old baby beheaded for human sacrifice ritual

In 2011, he has taken to Dharmapuri Fast Track Court for committing a murder. The next day M Chinnasamy and Rajavelu escorting him back to Coimbatore at around 9.30 p.m. After reaching Salem bus stand, Jaishankar handed over a slip to them.

On March 19, indeed, Chinnasamy shot himself with a sense of shame.

After his escape, he continued with rapes and almost six women were dead in Bellary in Karnataka. In 2011, the police arrested him and finally committed suicide ending his reign.