Policeman Kicks the Bike, Pregnant Woman Dies, Protests Running in the State

Pregnant woman killed in accident
3 month old pregnant woman killed in accident. Usha in passport photo

On late Wednesday night, a pregnant woman died soon after a van ran over her in Thiruverumbur, a village in Trichy. The incident happened when a policeman kicked the two-wheeler where she was on.

The policeman chased the vehicle to catch the rider, the husband of the victim as there was no helmet on his head. The 30-year-old Usha sat on the back of her husband and three-month-old pregnant. Dharmaraj injured so badly.

Pregnant Women Died, Protests Began in the City

On Wednesday night, the police carrying out checks. The couple – Dharmaraj and Usha did not stop when police asked them. Kamaraj, a policeman chased down the line and kicked them.

The couple lost the balance and they fell on the road. Immediately, a van ran over her which was behind them. Initially, the cop Kamaraj escaped but once protests began he was taken into action.

The rage of incident gathered thousands of protesters near Trichy-Thanjavur highway and blocked the roads. People, moreover, alleged Kamaraj drunk and they demanded to take immediate action against him.

Some of the protesters began to throw the stones on the police vehicles and retaliation began to clear the agitators injuring many of them. Deputy Commissioner promised to take the necessary action. According to the reports, District Collector of Trichy also said they will take action against the accused. More violence erupted and people ignored the words.