A Shocking Incident in UP Village – A Man Flogged Her Wife 100 Times

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

A woman, native of a village from UP tied to a tree and her husband flogged her 100 times with a leather belt for eloping with her lover. This has happened in daylight and people gathered to see the happening.


No one from the crowd turned up to stop the guy from beating his wife. In fact, few tried to rape her while she was lying unconscious on the ground, Hindustan Times reports.

The report says, she was eloped with her lover in March and staying with him at a relatives house. Her husband somehow came to know about this and called her home saying they will start fresh again. As part of a trick, he punished her as per Kangaroo court order.

A complaint filed against the man and woman is now undergoing a medical examination. Every time many of us think society can’t stoop below to that of it has had. A way will be found out to prove us incorrect.

Even in 2018 people exist to commit something like this. A change in mentality and the superior rule of men over women has to be changed. This incident is termed as the most disturbing one and laws have to go strict.