Hardik Patel has nothing to ashamed. As he tweeted, “Right to sex is a fundamental right. No one has right to breach your privacy,” Jignesh Mevani says the ashamed line. Local channels in Gujarat have claimed to broadcast his sex CD of Hardik Patel. He pledged to take down of BJP in the next month’s elections.

What did Footage of Hardik Patel Have Shown?

A resemble Hardik Patel, a man spotted with an unidentified woman. They both appeared to have filmed in a hotel room’s hidden camera. A peg came from Hardik Patel on the video as a BJP’s ‘Dirty Trick’.

About a week ago, he had forecasted a video of him having sex will make a circulation. This would damage his reputation as voting dates are nearer. Now, new videos charmed the social media along with a local channel and claimed Hardik Patel’s drinking state along with his friends.

NDTV couldn’t verify the authenticity of the video. “The BJP has nothing to do with the sex CD. We don’t indulge in such dirty games. But if Hardik Patel says it’s a fake video, why doesn’t he file a police complaint?” asked BJP leader and union minister Mansukh Mandaviya.

Till now, BJP has ruled Gujarat for 22 years. Two years ago, Hardik launched a movement which caught quickly with the Patel youth. As a measure of correction, Patel makes a statement to add Patidars to the list of 146 backward castes. This entitled to government jobs and seats in educational colleges.

Video Here

However, Jignesh Mevani though not made his formal appearance in Congress but said he will work in his favor. Being a Dalit leader in Gujarat, he galvanized young Dalits. Four young men thrashed tied to a car and wrongly accused of cow skinning. Dalits pointed out on their livelihood saying on skinning cows, buffaloes and other animals will fetch them daily needs. Hence, he vowed to fight anyone to stop them doing so.