Karnataka State All Set with New Flag, Asks Center to Clear Tricolor

Karnataka State Flag
Karnataka State Flag

Karnataka alias Kannada flag was finally designed with yellow, white, and red color combinations at the state government meeting today. The flag showcased to the ministers, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, and activists. The tricolor flag has an emblem at the center – Ganda Bherunda – two-headed mythical bird.

Next Step and Initiative of Kannada Flag

The state government cleared the flag – Naada Dwaja and next will move to the table of Central government. Just before the elections, the Chief Minister said,  “There is nothing in the Constitution that says states should not have a flag. So the Siddaramaiah government decided to give some sanctity to the Karnataka state to fix a regional flag. This is no damage to the national flag.”

However, the Congress and opposition party – BJP along with Shobha Karandlaje made an accuse on the government claiming the government focusing on divisive politics on the Kannada flag.

The state flag will have the rules indeed.  “I don’t think they will reject this. This is what people want with their hearts,” he said.

Further, having an eye on the polls, the government of the state pushing the agenda of pro-Kannada for months. Just a few months ago, ‘No to Hindi’ agitation led to the removal of all Hindi signboards from the Metro in Bengaluru. Presently, Kannada and English boards remained.

Senior Kannada writer and activist Chandrashekhara Patil said, “Today is a historic occasion for Kannadigas because the government has responded very positively to this demand from the people of Karnataka.”