Politicians, Billionaires, baseball players, and everyday San Francisco city hall filled with people on Sunday. People celebrated the life of Mayor Ed Lee – a man of dignity, humility, and passion for the city.

“Our mayor had kindness, he had class, he served others before himself,” said acting Mayor London Breed. “He listened, he cared and he fought for our city — all of its people — with the quiet dignity of a man who knows exactly what he stands for.”

The hall has a crowd of 1600 people and the celebrated the life of a man. Starting his career as a civil rights attorney and served in the government of San Francisco for years as a bureaucrat. Later, he became mayor in 2011 and won elections twice. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom called the hall as “a tribute to decency”.

The Greatness of Mayor Ed Lee:

Lee, became everyman mayor, will all American-life dream story. He befriended everyone he met. He got his fame not only in the city but also in China and is first American mayor.  The congressional delegation of California hosted a flag in honor of Mayor Ed Lee in the capital hours after his death. A heart attack attacked him on early Tuesday and rested forever at age 65.

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, mentioned his efforts of helping the people for public housing. He also a part of rent strike organization back in the 1970s. He had an “unparalleled public service career,” and he remained unique with truly compelling spirit.

Lee cared about his family as he cared about the city, his daughters Brianna and Tania exclaimed. Ed Lee was a down-to-earth person at home. “For our family, our dad was not only our inspiration, but our constant source of humor, laughter, and lightness,” Brianna Lee said. “Most of the time he told jokes he could barely get through because he was laughing so hard himself.”

The people who attended to Lee honor included Montana, the pro football Hall of Famer; Giants great Barry Bonds; business moguls including Salesforce founder Marc Benioff and venture capitalist Ron Conway; author Dave Eggers; and drag queen Donna Sachet. Near the back was former Police Chief Greg Suhr. Individuals sat in 300 chairs arranged in eight chairs while public queued up.