Marathas Protest in Mumbai: Challenges Government for their Demands

Marathas Protest in Mumbai

Students and Professionals of Maratha community protesting a march on Wednesday for reservations and jobs, safety for women and for other demands. Due to fewer resources and commitments, the Maratha community falls on the government to fulfill their needs.

Reason for Protest

Maratha Kranti Morcha organized Mook Morcha stresses to chasten the culprits involved in Kopardi murder and rape case. Also to doubling of reservation in government and education sectors, to ban the misuse of SC, ST, and loan to farmers to cut down suicidal deaths. Further, still rate for agricultural goods.

Kopardi Incident

The blood-splattered body of a young girl, 15 who was a native of Kopardi village, Ahmednagar district found under the tree in the agricultural farm. It shook the hearts of millions dating back the Nirbhaya Case brutality. The social and political views went viral and shock waves spread around Maharashtra by the end of July. The incident took place on 13th of July this year and the girl has brutally abused and gang-raped.

58th Protest in Play

Being largest protest by the Maratha community, this is the 58th and a year back held in Aurangabad. The last year’s protest was due to the rape of a 14-year-old girl in the same village. The 57 protests marched in the parts of the state for this brutal rape and murder scene.

Participation Soldiers

Locals of the state including students, government employees, and deliverymen taking part in this protest waving saffron flags. The police reports say that over 2 lakh Protestants are walking on city roads and no incidents reported till now. Shiva Sena joined in favor of these Protestants.

Challenge to the Government

The storm of Maratha’s protest from all the organizers is a challenge to the ruling party BJP and this is happening during the monsoon of the year.

Government Offers

Chandrakant Patil, Revenue Minister of Maharashtra, discussed the issues before the plan of a rally. “The government has taken decisions on most of their demands….We have revised eligibility for the economically backward class for the benefit of students by raising annual family income ceiling to Rs.6 lakh from Rs.5 lakh,” he had said.

Effect on Educational Institutions and City’s Traffic

Vinod Tawde, Education Minister of Maharashtra announced to shut the schools in south Mumbai as the protest should not be an inconvenience to the Schools and colleges and a circular was passed by the deputy director of school education.

The suburban trains and traffic over the city were horrible. A10,000 policemen on duty to clear the city’s traffic. Through social media and broadcasting channels, the update on traffic over the city reaching the people and CCTV and cameras are in the field. The expectation of Central railway is to run by 2 PM. “Based on inputs about a number of people who will go back to their destinations after the rally, probably after two pm, we will run additional suburban services as per the requirement, as are run during peak hours,” Sunil Udasi, chief PRO of Central Railway, had said.

Hope the government reacts to the Protestants demand in some way. However, security for women India is lacking even though we’re technically advancing!