Terrorists Turned Aggressive on Amarnath Yatris – Accused in Custody

Amarnath Yatris

The terrorists have killed Eight Amarnath Yatris a month ago. “Ismail, a Pakistani terrorist of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) along with two other associates and a local Kashmiri terrorist carried out the attack,” IGP (Kashmir) Munir Khan said while addressing a press conference in Srinagar.

Facts About Attack in Amarnath

He also said that the attack was “initially planned for July 9. But that day there was no movement of CRPF or yatra vehicle in isolation.”

The IGP said, “Three locals provided logistical support to the terrorists. All of the accused have arrested and produced before the court, currently under police remand.”

“During an investigation the accused completely revealed everything about the modus operandi of the terror attack,” he said, adding, “They had code word ‘Shaukat’ for yatra vehicle and ‘Bilal’ for CRPF vehicle. It was purely a terrorist act.”

“There was yatra vehicle that day so they attacked it, had there been CRPF vehicle they would’ve attacked that, they had planned it.”

The three terrorists doubted to belonging Pakistan and Khanbal, as chosen as the spot for the attack, added IGP.

The Amarnath Yatris will have a protection and the police will secure the route to lower the attacking risks.