Utkal Tragedy Continues: Train Derailed, Many Bodies Yet to be Found

Utkal Express Derailment

Image: Hindustan Times

The 50 residents including a brother and a father waited for the bodies at Post-mortem house on Sunday at 10 AM. The fate is what we can blame and 22 people killed as a part of Kalinga Utkal Express incident. The bodies found while derailing.

During the post-mortem, the police found few numbers which are families of the dead people and called them. A man from Morena, Madhya Pradesh approached the police that he had not found his brother’s body who is a retired employee, Rajaram Prajapati in railways.

Damage Caused Due to Utkal Express Derailment

Ramvaran searched for his brother’s body Rajaram (56), traveling to Haridwar with his family and Ramcharan’s heart shook when he saw the bodies of his niece, 12, Aarti and sister-in-law, Sukh Devi Prajapati, 56. “My brother’s wife’s and daughter’s bodies are here, but I am unable to contact my brother. Can you please ask hospitals in Meerut?” Ramvaran explained to Verma.

After the day, it is known that the Rajaram had died and he is in the Meerut hospital, an inquiry said. “It is sad that my brother Rajaram, a retired railway employee who worked as a lineman, died because of the fault of the Railways,” Ramvaran said. This incident has known to him as there were other relatives from Morena who called up to him and said regarding the train tragedy.

“We shocked when some of the survivors called us up. We rushed to Muzaffarnagar and enquired in all places possible, but could not find them. An SDM-level officer called one of our neighbors in Morena. He had found the number on one of the bodies,” he said. Also, explaining how he tracked down the bodies of his niece and sister-in-law.

On Sunday morning, 20 bodies have found and around 50-people waited outside the post-mortem house to take Pramod Kumar, a pharmacist who has a wife and two children, works in a government medicine shop in Meerut. His brother heard about the incident and gave a call to him. “We kept calling, but he did not pick it up,” the brother said. “We then came to the accident site”. The body found and his brother is waiting to complete his post-mortem.

The death toll till now 22 said Uttar Pradesh Principal Secretary Arvind Kumar. He said that the 203 people injured. An officer said: “We are waiting for the inquiry report from the Railways after which we will name the accused in the FIR.”

The people who are found dead till now are from Sharanpur, Muzaffanagar, Agra, Lalitpur. Gwalior, Morena, and Delhi reports Chief Medical officer, Mishra from Mzaffanagar.