Vladimir Putin turned victorious in the presidential election of Russia on Sunday. This victory gave him to be in power for at least another six years as the relations of Moscow with the West began to exponentially strained.

The Next Era of Vladimir Putin Continues

Putin so far has ruled Russia for decades and created a record with his best ever performance in the election by receiving more than 76% of the votes. The opposition only left with a failure. The bold man had a competition with seven other candidates but his critic Alexei Navalny barred from the ballot. This is for few legal reasons and the final outcome never was doubted.

“I see in this (result) the confidence and hope of our people,” Putin said. “Our thoughts will turn to the future of our great country and the future of our children,” said the man.

Almost 107 million individuals of Russia have right to vote and three hours before the closing the voting session, the turnout reported was at 60%. However, the authorities have used the stick and the carrot to gear up the engagement in voting.

The election overall became a festive season with the host of food festivals, Selfie competitions, and children’s entertainers at the poll centers.

But the private and state employees reported their pressure to vote. Meanwhile, threatening problems for the students continued if they do not take part, according to the reports. Putin has taken 76.4% of the vote whereas his competitor Pavel Grudinin won 12%.

He elected as the first president of Russia in 2000 and made a stam of his total authority on the biggest country of the world, putting television under state control, reasserting standing abroad of Moscow, and muzzling opposition. Finally, Putin ended his speech by saying he would end all the domestic problems in his term.