What Makes this 11-Year-Old to Receive Prayers from the world?

Hammad Safi
Hammad Safi (Photo: Youtube grab)

Online platforms were turned out best for branding oneself. But a boy in Pakistan is now famous all over the world. To the surprise, he’s 11-year-old. Hammad Safi, the name echoes in the world and students sit while he starts speaking and listens to his elegant English rappo and diction.

Pakistan’s internet floods with Safi and draws large crowds with his speech. He amazed the elders at the University of Spoken English in the northwestern city of Peshawar with his hand gestures, especially with his confidence.

Almost 145,000 subscribers made him an online star in YouTube. Moreover, online comments are in favor of him.

At USECS, the faculty sees him as a little coach who could do great things in a day’s time. He was studying in a traditional school by taking English classes at USECS. Now he is making his career in motivation.

“I am an inspiration, not only for Pakistan but for the world. I inspire the entire universe,” he tells AFP, without blinking.

He studies for 10-12 hours in a day and he has many books to read, he told to AFP. His father is a 48-year-old businessman. In his words,

“He is not an ordinary child,” he explains. “People have seen something in him. I have myself seen abilities in him. That’s why I have appointed special teachers for him. I want him to become a special leader.

“I’m very proud… For his abilities, for his intelligence, he is God-gifted.”