Quetta Church Blast
Quetta Church Blast Photo:AFP

More than 40 injured and nine people killed after a bomber blew himself up. The blast happened at Quetta Church on Sunday just days before Christmas. The bombing occurred at Memorial Methodist Church on Quetta’s Zarghoon Road. This is the time when 400 Christians offering their prayer at noon.

The Cause of Quetta Church Blast:

According to the police, the first attacker blew at the gate while police have killed the second later. The police chief of the Balochistan Province, Moazzam Ansari, told reporters, “There were 400 worshipers inside the church when it came under attack. Many precious lives were saved due to the quick response of police presence in the area. Had the attackers not been stopped, there could have been hundreds of people killed casualties.”

The church has organized different programs in the month of December. During the Quetta Church blast,  ‘Sunday School Christmas Programme’ is on the go. Mostly, the injuries caused due to wooden splinters and glass splinters of the Church. The two attackers have 15-kg of explosives on their body and aged between 16 and 20 years of age.

Balochistan of Pakistan spots mineral-rich and has largest province area. The violence instances happening frequently. Separatist groups generally target security forces and government installations.

The Christian minority of Pakistan subjected to frequent terror attacks. In March 205, 15 people killed and more than 70 injured as Taliban attackers attacked two churches. At city’s northwestern province, more than 100 people killed in September 2013.