6.5 magnitude earthquake shook Indonesia’s populated Java island on the night of Friday. It left two people dead and damaged dozens of homes near the epicenter.

A 30-Second Life Turned into Arms with 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake:

The earthquake occurred at 11.47 p.m. and island felt it. The earthquake happened at 200 kilometers away in the capital Jakarta. Office towers and buildings just got a swing. The powerful tremor lasted for 30 seconds. People came out of their buildings and roads blocked with motorbikes, cars, and trucks. People fled coastal areas in fear of Tsunami.

More than 1000 villagers evacuated from the area and settled at higher grounds. The people haven’t returned until Saturday morning when authorities confirmed the safe zone. A 62-year old man and an 80-year old woman have killed in the building collapses.

Tasikmalaya, Pangandaran and Ciamis regions of West Java Province recorded the heaviest damage. About 40 houses collapsed to the ground and 65 suffered from damage. The earthquake occurred at 91 kilometers deep and located just inland. Indeed, it triggered a warning of the tsunami in the coastline of Java. No waves reported further.

Hospitals damaged while patients evacuated. As Indonesia sits on Pacific Rings of Fire, it encounters earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.