From Cambridge Analytica Forming to Mark Zuckerberg Comments – Cambridge Analytica Breach

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica
Cambridge Analytica

A political consulting firm runs on the data analytics established in 2014. Steve Bannon, former US Chief strategist, Donald Trump, and former head of alt-right media, Breitbart News were supported in the establishment of the firm. Being an SCL, a British company’s subsidiary, Cambridge Analytica describes its specialization in analytics, strategy, and data. Mr.Bannon has taken the initiative to invest from Robert Mercer and his family – an American billionaire. He and his family remained as major donors and supported Republican party campaigns.

Cambridge Analytica Controversy

The 28-year-old former employee of CA, Chris Wylie unveiled ‘modus operandi’ details of the company to a journalist Carole Cadwalladr and this had been publisher in a newspaper – ‘Observer’.

According to Mr.Wylie data, Cambridge Analytica, in 2014 has acquired the data through a personality profiling app – thisisyourdigitallife. Aleksandr Kogan – an academic of Cambridge university built this app. However, more than 2,70,000 users of Facebook have downloaded this app pulling the data from the Facebook friends of these users. This triggered the CA to harvest 50 million users data without their consent.

Then, the campaigns of information minorly targeted at the users based on the vulnerabilities and preferences. However, Mr.Kogan rejected his statement of his awareness of tool going illegally. He says Facebook and CA scapegoated him.

Moreover, on Monday, things turned out worse. This is because the broadcaster of UK, Channel 4 introduced a program. In this program CEO Alexander Nix of the company made his point clear on some of the election strategies to an undercover reporter. The strategies include – offering deals to women those are politicians “too good to be true” and reading the interactions and posting them in online to discrete a candidate.

CA, SCL, and their partners have a hand in the world’s political campaigns including India – SCL partnered with Ovleno Business Intelligence Private Limited This had claimed the works with the Congress, JD(U), and BJP. Both BJP and Congress have traded the charges on Wednesday on this issue.

Facebook Count Matters But How?

Facebook denied a statement on the data breach of Mr.Kogan designed app. But claimed Mr.Kogan did not go against the Facebook rules when CA/SCL have received the information. In 2015, this fact came to the notice. In fact, the social media giant has removed the app and asked Mr.Kogan’s data to certify that the data had been destroyed.

The story appeared last weekend and came to light after some data still remained. This prompted Facebook to send analysts of cybersecurity to the London offices of Cambridge Analytica for a data audit. The auditors have recalled the parallel UK government inquiry owing.

What’s Now?

The Electoral Commission of UK investigating CA for its role in the Brexit as well as by the OIC. This is based on previous reports about its dubious methods.

A Special Counsel, Robert Mueller of the US, further investigating the Russian Links and campaign of the Trump while looking into the role of CA in this affair as well.

Facebook Competes YouTube with New Video Service called Watch

The parliamentary committee, House of Commons asked Mark Zuckerberg to answer the questions on the data usage of Cambridge Analytica. Indeed, lawmakers asked the Facebook founder to stand before the US Congress and European Parliament saying the issue will be investigated.

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